What is the Best Area in Rome to Stay?

What is the Best Area in Rome to Stay?

Are you thinking to visit Rome in your next holiday? Knowing the best areas to stay while you are in the city is will really help. So, what are they?

The Best Area to Stay While You Are in Rome

This article has selected best area in Rome to stay while you are visiting the city. Each of the area is based on the reasons that make most people visit Rome.

  1. Best for Roman History

If you put big concern on the Roman history, finding hotels or homestay around the Centro Storico is a perfect choice. The area consists of cobbled streets which look like a maze. Staying in the Centro Storico will give you big opportunity to visit Baroque churches, stately piazzas and Renaissance palazzi. All of historic places you want to see in Rome can be reached in walking distance.

  1. Best for More Quiet Atmosphere

If you love historic sites but less crowded than the Centro Storicio, the Campo de’ Fiori can be the best choice for you. There is also an old Jewish Ghetto located in the southeast part of Rome. If you are tired and hungry after visiting the historic places, there are trattorias, wine bars and great restaurants around the area.

  1. Best or Shopaholic
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Are you shopaholic and can’t leave shopping activities wherever to stay? The next best area to stay in Rome is Tridente. The area is located in the northern center of the center of Rome. Staying in the area can satisfy your thirst of shopping due to designer boutiques, pricey restaurants and chichi bars you can find around there. The center point of Tridente is Piazza di Spagna where you can enjoy Grand Tour.

Reasons Why You Should Visit Rome

Visiting Rome will not disappoint you at all. This former capital city of Roman Empire is considered as one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Moreover, with the reputation of Italy as a country that is famous with its cuisines, Rome provides you with diversity of foods and beverages to enjoy. Forget about public transportation and enjoy cozy streets in the city. You are suggested to wear casual outfits and comfortable footwear to enjoy the city. In addition, as a center of Roman Catholic, visiting Rome will give you double advantages. You can spend your holiday as well as doing religious trips. So, just plan your visit to Rome soon and enjoy the beauty of the city.