What to do in Costa Rica: Must-Do Activities

What to do in Costa Rica: Must-Do Activities

Costa Rica offers you with diverse experience, such as: wildlife reserves, beautiful beaches and lush forests. It offers you with something different for each traveler. Whether you look for nature or adventure, there are many things of what to do in Costa Rica.

Manuel Antonio National Park

This is a place where you can see lush rainforest along with white sand in the Pacific coast. You can see many monkeys play around in the treetops, they trying to steal your food sometimes. Even you can meet the sloth looks lazily and iguanas as well. You are able to walk around in the rainforest trails or snorkel in the pristine beach.

Arenal Volcano

Dilute lava used to spill out of this conical volcano, however in recent years this activity was calmed down. It still smokes over the time and you do not allowed to hike in this crater, however Arenal National Park can be your best adventure space and visiting hot springs. No surprise that this location is one of best for what to do in Costa Rica.


This is not only northern trail which leading you to the Nicaraguan border home to the Rincón de la Vieja volcano, beautiful forest and great savannah. This place also has the most famous beaches in Costa Rica that you can visit. Even you are able to find pristine national parks in the side of sea, such as: Santa Rosa National Park.

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Corcovado National Park

This place is one of the richest biologically national parks that you can visit in Costa Rica. You will se mangrove swamps and rainforests as the house of big cats like a jaguar, scarlet macaws, tapirs and more. While the river preserves bull sharks, even crocodiles as well. If you want something like you are in nature documentary, this place where you should go.


This location was covered by humid fog which keeps the leafage stay in electric green. This forest reserve also a house for the wonderful quetzal bird and over than 450 orchids. You can enjoy this forest by hiking the trails, following the canopy tour and even you are able to isit sugar and coffee plantations as well. There is a small communality which makes the most popular cheese in this country. You can taste it and enjoy your trip by enjoying wonderful creatures surround you. There are many things that you can do in Costa Rica.