What to do in Dubai? Best Things to Do

What to do in Dubai? Best Things to Do

We all know that Dubai is one of must see country to be believed. There are several record breaking buildings stand surrounded by traditional quarters. Here several top places to visit and what to do in Dubai.

Burj Khalifa

This is icon of Dubai and you are able to discover great view from the top. This is also the world’s tallest tower which is dominating the Dubai Skyline as well. In shiny day, you can see unique view from the reservation deck at level 124 is completely breath-taking. For those who want take a meal on the clouds, then level 122 is your best place.

The Dubai Mall

This is a paradise for shoppers and right next to the Burj Khalifa building. This mall has huge building and your entire day that you spend here is not enough to see it all. There are 150 restaurants and 1200 shops, even there are many great things that you can try, such as: ice rink, indoor theme park, giant Dubai Aquarium and more.

The Palm Jumaerah

This is man-made island which is formed like palm-shaped island. There is a reason why locals call it “only in Dubai”, this is because of Palm Jumaerah is one of the biggest man-made islands in the world and glory of human intelligence as well. There are many locals and tourists enjoy high-end hotels in this palm. If you look around for what to do in Dubai, then this is a great place.

The beach at JBR

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For those who love eat, shop and go to the beautiful beach in all one place, then you can consider visiting to The Beach across of the JBR. Then the guest DJ’s will turn on best weekend tunes, even you can visit open-air cinema and there is popular water park for your kids as well. JBR offers you with great activities to spend off.

The Desert

You can reach the location by driving around 20 minutes from the Dubai Downtown. You are able to experience the magical of Arabian Desert as the original tourist destination in Dubai as well. Enjoying the desert safari by off-roading and sandboarding, camel rides and more. Or you just want to drive out and feel the magical adventure by your own.

The Dubai Fountain

You can witness the wonderful water dance in the Dubai Downtown. This fountain is located at the base of Burj Khalifa. This is shows you with world’s largest coreographed fountain and enjoying a great show.