What to do in Rome? Best Things to Do

What to do in Rome? Best Things to Do

Rome stands as the oldest cities in the world. No wonder that this city was steeped in mythology and legend. There are many different records describe how this majestic city was built. There are many great places to visit and best things what to do in Rome.


This huge structure is one of the most iconic landmarks in the Rome and your trip never been complete without visiting this place. This building used to hold game, many gladiator tournaments and other things which been attended regularly by Roman Emperors as well. It is located in the southwest or main train station and Colosseum is easier to be accessed because has metro station. You can wonder this famous structure in any angle and make sure that you step inside to appreciate this ancient structure.

Vatican Museums

This place is a treasure for many historical and classical artworks which been built many centuries by several popes and include several important pieces of artwork as well. It was set within the borderline of Vatican State. This museum even holds over 70000 pieces of great artworks. This museum had split into different parts, including of Museo Gregoriano Etrusco, Museo Pio-Clemention and more.

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St. Peter’s Square

As we know that Rome has a small country within this country itself, Vatican. This state is one of the most religius sites in this place and St. Peter’s Square is one of iconic places where there are many notable events happened here. It is located in the front of Vatican State, and it’s actually circular and was enchased with two sets of huge colonnades.

The Pantheon

Pantheon also stands as the best preserved ancient structure in the world and one of the best destinations in Rome. Anyone who visits Rome will know about this place and listed it into what to do in Rome. The interior features with great dome which has central coffer that also allows the light to spill out. It was located in the center of Rome and this place should be a highlight that you cannot miss it.

Trevi Fountain

There are not many fountains in this planet that been extravagantly decorated and sculptured as Trevi Fountain. This fountain was built in order to pay honor to the Roman God Oceanus in 1672. You can see that the sculpture is so beautiful and this fountain is completely artwork. It also becomes a tradition to throw your coins for good luck.

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