What to see in New Zealand: Auckland Traveller’s Guide

What to see in New Zealand: Auckland Traveller’s Guide

New Zealand is popular for being a place where you can find Hobbiton, a small fantasy village that is famous thanks to Lord of the Rings, but aside from that place, what to see in New Zealand?

New Zealand is somewhat a natural place to visit

New Zealand got lots of tourist attractions in it, and most of the tourist attractions in the country are pretty much a naturalist wet dream. Green grasses will be your friends over here, and cows will probably tire you if you ever visit New Zealand. You will not be tired of the natural life here in New Zealand.

But we are not talking about New Zealand in general. We are talking about Auckland, one of the biggest urban city over the country (mind you that Auckland, no matter how urban it is, is not the capital of New Zealand. The title belongs to Wellington). If you ever said that you want to visit New Zealand, you REALLY need to visit Auckland simply because there are lots of things to see over there.

For example, we got the Sky Tower. While the Sky Tower is nothing compared to many other famous towers all over the world (like the Eiffel Tower in Paris), I cannot say that it does not have its own charm. From the top of the tower, you can see the entirety of Auckland if you want to. It also got a transparent flooring when you reach a certain level, meaning you can look down at that level. Perfect for daredevils who do not want to directly dare the devil.

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What to see in New Zealand aside from the Sky Tower?

Nature lovers can rejoice because they also got their own share of places to go. Take for example two places, which are Auckland Domain and Albert Park. Those two are parks that can make any nature lovers smile thanks to the abundance of flowers over there. Those two parks are what make Auckland an interesting place to visit. With each steps taken, you will see the culture of New Zealand within those two parks, making it a perfect place for historical lovers as well.

But history lovers also got good places to go in Auckland

Meet Auckland Museum, the perfect place for you history nerds to visit if you are travelling to New Zealand. While in this kind of place we usually got served with the history of the country in general, the Auckland Museum broadens its menu with in depth history of pre-European New Zealand as well. You will get introduced to the Maori culture, which is the prominent culture before Imperialism arrived. You will see lots of tribal things over here, which gives you a good opportunity to learn about the natives of New Zealand.

But it does not stop there. The museum also got a section dedicated to the two world wars. It shows the involvement of New Zealand in those two wars. You can see the world’s greatest world war 2 plane over there (the British Empire’s Spitfire) and a Japanese plane thingy that the Japanese used to kamikaze their enemies to oblivion.

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While New Zealand in general is a pretty nice place to visit, you will never run out of things in to see in Auckland. Heck, I can safely say that Auckland probably covers the majority of places to go and what to see in New Zealand.