Where Is Best Place To Stay In Rome?

Where Is Best Place To Stay In Rome?

If you had arranged a plan to visit Rome, then where to stay? No matter what type of trip that you had planned, there are several best place to stay in Rome.

Best place for great atmosphere

The Campo de’ Fiori and The Ghetto

Technically, this is a part of Centro Strorico, however it less crowded and offers you something different. You can take a walk around it and you will find wine bars, boutiques and trattorias as well. This is one of the most places in this city. There is the Old Jewish Ghetto in the southeast and you will feel the developing atmosphere with many great restaurants. You are also able to rent an apartment on backstreet of Ghetto to taste the live of Roman.

Best Place for Romance

Centro Storico

The Centro Storice also called as historic center is one of the most being dreamed to get Roman holiday. This area has main destinations, at least you can visit Piazza Navona anda Pantheon, and other destinations that you want to reach just by walking. However, the hotels in this area are pricier than other areas because of many attractions here.

Best Place for Shopping Lovers


This is Rome’s center that located in northern area, which been known as Trridente because of the shape by three roads which been extended form Piazza del Palopo Landmark. This area offers you with pricey restaurants, designer boutiques and more. The accommodations are super glamour; even you can get fancy entertainment systems in your room to fulfill the demands of high-class clients.

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Best Place for Village Nuance

The Monti and the Celian Hill

Monti is now a neighborhood that offers you with cool bars and great restaurants. You only need to take a walk from Colosseum and it is good for sightseeing as well. In the southeast, there is Celian Hill that offers you with local activities and you can enjoy a meal in some great local restaurants as well.

Best Place for Night View


The Trastevere is very beautiful and all of cobbled lanes along with unique building can make your night more lovely. This is located over the river and this hotel still in the distance of the Vatican and Centro Storico as well. Another great thing is one of best places for your night out with narrow streets and good bars as well. This place is best for those who want to escape from the crowds.

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